U.S. Department of Justice position on PA/DV

The US DOJ at one time posted this information regarding PA or interfering with the relationship of parent and child.

The current DOJ page does NOT reflect the prior one as pointed out in the above website but can be viewed here;

We now have two options in contacting the DOJ.

1: Why has the information as reported in USA Today been removed?

2: We are seeking the help and services offered.

A wonderful free Fax service available to us is, Fax Zero, google it!

Look to see the links to send a free 3 page Fax plus cover letter to All US Senators and Congressmen and other officials.

But First!!!
Why not send a message to the Attorney General asking why this more relevant information as noted in the USA Today article is no longer on the DOJ web site and secondly how your family can receive services?


Why not fax out your message to the Attorney General to your Senator, Congressman seeking their assistance for help from this Federal Agency? 😉
In fact, since it is Free Fax Why not? fax your message to the AG and your congressman and Senators to the various committee chairs and co-chairs of committees most relevant to our issues?